Welcome to Until Hope Returns. Thank you for visiting, I’m glad you are here.

Until Hope Returns is a ministry of hope and refreshment to those who are discouraged, confused, frustrated, grieving a loss, have lost hope in a dream, or simply need a little help doing life until hope returns.

With a history of ministry for four decades I have seen all kinds of things happen to people of faith and people of no particular faith background. The impact is the same for both: discouragement, confusion, frustration, grief, and at times the loss of hope in a dream. And, the need is the same of both: someone to walk with them through a hard time until hope returns. I have done that and I want to continue doing that.

There are ways you can help support this ministry located in the Ways to Help page, but one way you can help that will cost you nothing: send people who need help my way.

Thank you for visiting this site and thank you in advance for supporting this ministry whether with prayerfully and financially.

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